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Dulshan Ranmin Dharmaratne

Dulshan is 19+ guy studied at Nalanda College, Colombo and a young Blogger, E-Money Guider and a Helpful Guy who ran a couple of sites in his school age. He is a Guy who loves to blog and help to blog to others. He is also the Founder and Author of the Blogging Industries which helps people in their Blogging.

In December 2012 Dulshan Launched his first blog on Earning Money from Internet which is now serving with quality articles weekly to a much broader audience. Site 'Internet Money in Sinhala' is specially created for Sri Lankans who are willing to earn a monthly income to prosper their lives. As a people person I decided to handle it by my self helping the Guys and Gals in Country, Sri Lanka.

Dulshan started blogging in December 2012 just after starting the current blog 'Internet Money in Sinhala'. He started taking interest in customizing Blogger Templates by thoroughly reading articles online. His desire for learning and understanding latest web technologies like HTML4 and JavaScript equipped him with art of web designing.

The Main purpose of publishing this Site is to educate and make aware the Young lads and lasses live in Sri Lanka in making Money from Internet. Though Sri Lanka was a Second World Country many people struggle in making Money apart from their Regular income. That is why Creator Dulshan Dharmaratne intended to create this Site. Affiliate Marketing Tips, Adsense Tips, Blogging Tutorials, and many Online Earning Methods are presented to Readers in Here. Each post is published with a hope so that every emoney maker may learn the core basics to establish himself as a skilled Money Maker.

Dulshan's advice to new eMoney Makers:

"Remember Internet is a place where there is no Authorship and Ownership and no one is Responsible for anything that you might have to undergo. So the Main thing is you must be careful and think about the consequences of your Actions. The Best two Friends of Any eMoney Maker are Time and Wisdom. Time gives you the quality of Patience while Wisdom gives the Creativity. If you wait and be patient and give your creativeness to your Action you'll be unstoppable. Others will say this is a time-waste but if you believe in your self You'll be able to Succeed. Creativeness, Truthfulness  and Patience are the Most Important three in eMoney Making. You know "If there is Will there is a Way" So Finally I wish you all a Succeed Journey in the rough Seas of eMoney and Hope you will reach your Destination in Harmless"
Best Wishes,                         


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